Why to brush twice?

As dental practitioner for almost a decade we have been asked frequently as to why do we need to brush twice. The answer is pretty simple - to avoid coming to dentists and getting expensive restorations done 😎 !!!

When we brush our teeth we remove the food particles on which the microorganisms feed and cause decay. Also, remnant food particles inadvertently cause bad breath.
In night when we sleep for almost 6-8 hrs we don't drink water, we don't talk (some of us), eat therefore reducing saliva flow which keeps our mouth clean allowing microorganisms to grow faster. Also, so many of us our in habit of breathing through mouth causing dryness which allows the tiny little creatures to grow easily.
And if you are in habit of eating sweets post dinner you only have two options either brush twice i.e. once in morning and once in night or be ready to visit dental clinic/colleges for multiple dental restorations.

So to answer this repeatedly asked question just brush twice (in a right manner) and keep your smile beautiful.😁😄😄

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