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My tooth problem worsened after scaling...😞

One of the frequently heard phrases by the dentists ,"I was perfectly all right doctor, I went for routine cleaning of my teeth and after that I started having problems in my teeth. It became loose, I started having sensitivity and a day later I had bleeding from gums."
Well for starters oral prophylaxis or scaling is cleaning of your teeth which requires removal of extrinsic stains, and calculus. This calculus (tartar) houses bacteria that releases toxins which cause inflammation to the gum tissue and surrounding bone eventually leading to bone loss.
 So what happens when dentist does scaling for you...
Why - After scaling gaps are created in between teeth. 🤓 - The gaps you feel in between your teeth is due to the space available after removal of calculus. This space was previously occupied by your gums or by your teeth. Calculus not only create spaces between your teeth by causing pressure but also gives bad breath. So why do you want to keep this freeloader!!!
Why - My teeth …

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